Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of Session : Advanced Perspective

Atlas's Babel
Merged final project between Joko's (Advanced Perspective) and Jeremy's (inspirational art for animation ) class, there're so many scene that i want to do but got scraped due to time limitation.

And i get this image to finalist position for Visdev Spring show , it feels good to see it on big screen during screening night

To everyone who gonna take Advanced Perspective : Do it , don't listen to those "rumors" that this is the most difficult class ever, you are the one who decides how well it turned out ,not people around you. If i can perform pretty well in this class then everyone should be able to do it , jump into it, let it fail ,explode with dignity,be stubborn and don't compromise for what you want,trust me, it worth every seconds i struggle on it.


  1. These look awesome V! keep up the good work

  2. V!

    Such an honor to be your classmate! You are hardworking kick-ass student!!!!!!

    It was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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