Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sepia-colored Cafe

Last week,i'm on the way to getting grocery around 8.00 pm and ran into some coffee shop with very interesting lighting design on the way( no ,they don't use this many lanterns) . It's that kind of light that stuck in my mind since before i start trying to learn how to paint. You know, one that you can remember just closing your eyes but it's way to blured that you can't really tell what it is.
I ended up standing there for around 15 minutes ,pondering how i can paint that until some gentleman approach me and try to offer me 5$ bill as he thought that i don't have money to get a cup of coffee, How nice of them!

Yesterday (4 am) on skype
*1:hey dude, what should i add as a textures there?
*2:eh? i don't know, just throw whatever you're happy to draw on it
*1: happy it is, ok then!!!

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